Payroll and Human Resource Forms 

Vitalics 1.1.6

Vitalics includes over 120 internal control forms of which there are 14 payroll and human resource forms that are customizable to fit your business.  You can also easily import new forms or create your own. (scroll down to see examples of the forms)

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Vitalics Payroll and HR Internal Control Framework


With the Vitalics internal control forms you can modify the templates to fit your businesses accounts payroll control objective.

  • Employee Advance Request Form
  • Employee Roster Form
  • Payroll Checklist
  • Payroll Checklist - 12 Month
  • Payroll Disbursement Form
  • Payroll Reconciliation - Manual
  • Payroll Month End Reconciliation Form
  • Employee Handbook
  • Fraud Policy
  • HR Checklist
  • HR Checklist - 12 Month
  • Job Description Form
  • Contact Numbers and Websites
  • Termination of Employment Form
  • Employee New Hire Form



Vitalics Application System Requirements

Template Samples

Authorization of Background Check


Authorization for a background check


Payroll Disbursement Form


payroll disbursement form

Payroll Checklist

payroll checklist

Payroll Month End Reconciliation


payroll reconciliation


Employee New Hire Form


employee new hire form

Termination of Employment Form

employment termination template

Human Resource Checklist


HR checklist

Fraud Policy Template


anti-fraud policy

Employee Advance Request Form


Employee Advance Request Form

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