Vitalics News and Updates

Making the Grade with your Small Business Risk Assessment

Are your books messy because of incompetence, or are they deliberately messy due to an employee covering up a fraud scheme? If your business books are incomplete, messy or unorganized, your business has a higher risk for employee embezzlement. So, how would you know the difference?  If you were constantly involved in your books, the mess would never be allowed to get out of control.  It is however, difficult to tell the difference between a bookkeeper’s messy accounting and fraud because [...]

Vitalics Update Notice

Vitalics update 2.6.2 is available for download. This update is NOT a patch and the user will be required to make a full back-up of their existing forms and projects before installing the update. After the update is successfully installed the user must import the back-up with their data to have everything in tact. Please e-mail customer support if you would like the 2.6.2 update – Vitalics 3.0 is coming out soon! This update does not use Microsoft Office [...]

Vitalics 2.0 Release Includes Updated Project Manager Features

With our latest release of Vitalics, the 2.0 version includes a more detailed project management system to allow the user to create sub-accounts, back-up their projects as well as restore them. The user will also now have the ability to rename categories and template files. This version not only includes application updates, it also includes additional forms which can be immediately accessed through the Amazon S3 cloud when the software application is started on the users desktop. As Vitalics continues to [...]