Frequently Asked Questions

Vitalics offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  In order to receive your guarantee, you must submit a refund request either within the Vitalics Software by clicking on the “Tools, Help, Software Issues” section of the Vitalics menu.  Type in the specific reason why you are requesting a refund and hit the submit button.  Your Vitalics registration number is associated with the submission form and we will be contacted directly through the software.  At that time we will review your order information and once we confirm that you have not had your software program for more than 30 days, Vitalics will issue a refund directly from your original purchase receipt.  Refunds will go back to the credit card or Paypal account that you used.  Once your refund is processed, your software will become disabled and will no longer be operable.

You can also request a refund by emailing our customer support at  Please provide your registration code and your order ID when submitting a request through customer support.

If you ordered a physical CD or other product, we must receive the physical product within 30 days from the date of purchase to issue a full refund.  If any products are returned that show duplication including workbooks, CD and DVD’s, customer will not receive a refund.

We do not provide refunds to any of our products that a customer made through Amazon or other 3rd party retailers. 

At this time, the Vitalics desktop application is only for one system. If you install Vitalics on multiple computer systems at your office location, you will not be able to use another computers saved forms unless you email them to the user to upload into their Vitalics desktop application. We will be working on a network ready package in the near future.
Vitalics no longer distributes the DVD portion of the previous system and is now a stand alone internal control desktop application. Vitalics was first packaged as “The Small Business Fraud Prevention Toolkit” which includes the 2 hour DVD and the hard copy workbook. That is still available on Amazon for purchase. It does not include Vitalics forms or the desktop application. You can find the toolkit here.
As time progresses we will update forms and add them to the system. We will periodically send notices to customers who have purchased Vitalics giving them an invitation to receive the updated forms. We will not send out the forms without contacting you first. If you purchased Vitalics and want the update, please reply to our notice and you will receive the new forms in another e-mail. We do not want to send attachments to your e-mail account without you knowing what they are for.
Yes, please contact us a for licensing and our affiliate program information. We also have an affiliate program specifically for CPA’s where you can get 3 free programs for your clients. To learn more click here.
Yes, the Vitalics software application will allow the user to upload any PDF, Word or Excel form to the category database.
At this time, the only way to run QuickBooks or Peachtree reports with Vitalics is to export the reports from QuickBooks or Peachtree into an Excel template and save the template so that you can import it into Vitalics.
Vitalics frequently ads new forms to the application. In order to receive your updated forms, please close your software application and re-open the program. Your internet must be connected for the software to receive the download from the Amazon S3 cloud platform. You can select which new forms you wish to have uploaded to your software. The upload will automatically categorize the forms to their correct location.
In order to receive another download link to access your application file, you must have the email address used to make your purchase or receipt ID. You will receive a download link to get your application file again. Please be aware that if your computer loses all of the data and you did not make back-ups of your data files, the templates you receive in the download will revert back to the originals before any changes were made. Please contact to request another download.
Vitalics copyright is for the use of one registered business location.  If you purchase Vitalics for your business and need your purchasing department, human resource department, bookkeeper and owner to have the forms available to them, your usage applies to all computer systems in your business location. You cannot download Vitalics to your friend’s computer so that they can use it for another business. If you are a bookkeeping or accounting service and use Vitalics for your clients, you do not need additional copies if you use it at your office and are providing segregation and assurance to the quality of your work.  If you install it for your clients to use, your client will need to purchase their own copy.