HR Payroll Internal Control Forms


HR and Payroll internal control forms are an essential part of making sure you hire and pay the correct employees. They are regularly used to provide assurance, accountability and authorization so that accountants, managers, owners can have assurance that the payroll expenses and taxes are accounted for through the books and records. Download Vitalics today and easily customize your HR Payroll Internal Control Forms.


Vitalics HR and Payroll Internal Control Forms

Includes 26 Human Resources and Payroll Internal Control Forms
Easy to customize in Word, Excel and Adobe
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Electronic Download     $29.00

Vitalics Internal Control Forms Bundle

Includes Over 145 Control Forms
Internal Control Categories
Vitalics Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Workbook

Easy to customize in Word, Excel and Adobe
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Electronic Download   $169.00 – On sale – $139.00



Vitalics is a small business internal control program that provides all the tools to easily set up and implement your company’s controls.  Vitalics contains over 140 already created yet customizable internal control forms, checklists and templates and a fraud prevention and internal control workbook.  Vitalics forms are also available separately.   Whether you are a business owner, office manager, bookkeeper or accountant, Vitalics will provide you the reassurance that your work or your company assets are protected.


Payroll fraud schemes made up 16.5% of the ACFE’s case studies in fraud frequency for small businesses, lasted an average of 24 months before detected and cost the victim organization an average of $50,000 per occurrence. Payroll controls and procedures are key to preventing HR & Payroll fraud schemes.


Types of Business Schemes

A benefit scheme involves employeeing receiving additional benefits they did not earn such as paid vacation or sick time and excess leave or. According to the ACFE’s studies employees have also been known to hide fraudulent payments in benefit expenses.

A Ghost Employee is a type of payroll fraud scheme where the perpetrator either creates a non-existent employee or does not removed a prior employee from the victims payroll and continues to pay them. They generally have the check directly deposited into their own bank account. Printed checks cause a bigger problem upon delivery.

Falsified Wages are the most common type of payroll fraud scheme where an employee logs in more hours or overtime worked than they actually did. Some cases have shown that a supervisor will authorize non-existant overtime on an employees timecard and after the employee is paid, they give the supervisor a kickback from the extra wages.

Some people will do or say anything to get that job. Resume fraud is growing as the competition for jobs continue to increase. The most common is lying about college or degrees and actual experience. Doing full background checks as well as verifying degrees with transcripts from the Colleges themselves will help prevent you from hiring someone who isn’t being honest.

Helpful suggestions

Requiring National Background Checks
Don’t just complete an statewide background check. It is very important you pay a little extra more to include a complete range. Some state background checks won’t show time spent in prison in another state for prospective employees.

Have a Fraud Policy
Make sure your employees sign a fraud policy for your business outlining what constitutes fraud, the company policy and consequences. Defense attorneys have been successful arguing that employees didn’t know any better when caught stealing.

Have a Fraud Hotline
Employees have been known to be affraid to come forward with allegations of wrongdoing in fear of retaliation. Having a fraud tip hotline or hot e-mail will allow employees the confidential opportunity to let you know what is going on with in your business.

Require Mandatory Vacations!
Some of the best fraud and embezzlement schemes are uncovered when a bookkeeper or accountant takes a vacation. Refusing vacations is a huge warning sign for covering up a fraud scheme. Mandating vacation policies will help prevent fraud.