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Auditor internal audit report templates, reports and forms provide internal control review and over-site to help reduce fraud risks within an organization. They are commonly used to provide an overall review and objective of the company’s current financial controls. The Vitalics Internal Audit Report Template and forms are created specifically for smaller organization to simplify audit reviews.


Easy to Customize in Word, Excel and Adobe

Your Vitalics small business internal control forms are created as protected documents that you can add content to, yet easy to update the status of “protection” in order to customize your forms using Word, Excel and Adobe software. The forms are also compatible with MAC.

Instant Download through the Members Dashboard

Complete access to your independent or internal control report forms through the Vitalics members dashboard. Download one form at a time, or, all the forms including in the “Independent Auditor” category in a zip file. Vitalics does not require a monthly membership. When you purchase our forms, you have full and instant access to use them for your business.

Internal Controls SIMPLIFIED

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Vitalics is a small business internal control program that provides all the tools to easily set up and implement your company’s controls.  Vitalics contains over 145 already created yet customizable internal control forms, checklists and templates and a fraud prevention and internal control workbook.  Vitalics forms are also available separately.   Whether you are a business owner, office manager, bookkeeper or accountant, Vitalics will provide you the reassurance that your work or your company assets are protected.

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Companies who have an outside audit review have a higher frequency of Anti-Fraud controls at 81.4%? Unfortunately smaller organizations can’t afford the luxury of outside audit reviews unless they can really budget the costs. Smaller businesses Anti-Fraud frequency is at 55.6%. Providing an affordable solution to outside controls is why we created Vitalics.


Internal Controls
Specific policies and procedures designed to provide management with a reasonable assurance that the goals and objectives it believes important to the entity will be met

Internal Control Weakness
Weakness in the control environment, accounting system, or control activities or procedures

Segregation of Duty
Division of tasks into two parts so that one person does not have complete control of the task.

Helpful suggestions

Don’t just tell your client or employer what to do
Provide the tools and solution to implement the controls rather than just providing a report that tells the organization what is lacking. If you can bring a solution to fix it to the table, the organization will most likely fall back to the way they ran their business without making the changes. If the changes are available and easy to follow, you will have a more successful rate of completion and implementation.

If you discover Fraud
Don’t jump the gun. Mistakes can be costly and throw a case. Make sure your organization contacts legal counsel before you go any further. Don’t go straight to the source or perpetrator. Gather your evidence to proceed with the proper channel and chain of events.

Be prepared for emotions
Fraud is not just a business issue, it is an emotional issue. If you discovered fraud within a victim organization, the owner or partner all though a “business” is still a person, and that person is now going to go through the emotional reactions of anger, sadness, disbelief and frustration.

Be Pro-Active on Prevention
If you are pro-active with preventing fraud, completing internal control reviews and being consistent with those reviews to make sure your work and implantation is going in the right direction, you will reduce the fraud risks within the organization. Most perpetrators if seasoned embezzlers will quit and go to work for another organization if they feel they can’t get away with their schemes. Others who are not seasoned will not take the risk of committing fraud.

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Vitalics Internal Audit Reports

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      Internal Control Review Report Template

      Internal Review Checklist

      Sample Internal Control Audit Report ABC Company

      Small Business Risk Assessment


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      ABC Company Ratio Analysis

      Internal Control Evaluation Form ABC Company

      Sample Internal Control Audit Report ABC Company

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      Client Simple Control Review Checklist

      Employee Roster Form

      Internal Control Engagement Agreement Template

      Internal Control Evaluation Form

      Internal Control Review Report Template

      Internal Review Checklist

      Profit and Loss Horizontal Analysis

    Ratio Analysis Template

      Small Business Risk Assessment Template

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    Company Organizational Chart

    Internal Control Program Detailed

    Internal Control Program Basic

    Risk Assessment Form

      The Vitalics Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Workbook

    Notes Memos and Corporate Forms

    Accounting Work in Progress Form


    Minutes of the Meeting Log Sheet

    Minutes of the Meeting Template

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      Accounts Payable Check Run Form

      Accounts Payable Checklist 12 Month

      Accounts Payable Checklist

      Accounts Payable Reconciliation Form

      Accounts Payable Month End Checklist

      Accounts Payable Month End Checklist 12 Month

      Approved Vendor List Form

    Authorized Signature Stamp Approval Form

      Automatic Payment Update Form