The Internal Control Template for Small Business from Vitalics is a Word file that you can easily modify to fit your organization. This template is a simple content template written based upon a standard small business internal control system. Using a internal control program for your small business with predefined procedures, will help lower occupational fraud and abuse, help you identify red flags, in order to lower your organizations fraud risks. If your company has limited staff or one bookkeeper that handles all accounting functions, this Internal Control Template for Small Business will help you guide the procedures that you want your business to follow.

Having an internal control program in place will help small organizations on many levels. One level that is not considered is if by chance your organization becomes a victim of fraud or embezzlement, it makes it harder for attorney’s to use the “our client was not told not to take any of the organizations assets” defense.  This defense has become widely popular in business fraud cases. Having an internal controls structure that employees must follow will help solidify the procedures required for their employment. It is very important to use a “Fraud Policy” along with any employment contracts, agreements for employment, or job procedures as well. This will ultimately prove that the employee did know the policies and procedures, and they acknowledged the organizations fraud policy as well. It makes the “I didn’t know any better” defense weak.

The Internal Control Template for Small Business is part of the the internal control templates package or the complete Vitalics Internal Control System Bundle. This form can be purchased individually as well.






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