The Payroll Checklist Template from Vitalics is an Excel file that you can easily modify to fit your business.. This form will help guide you in monthly and annual reminders of what controls should be implemented as well as followed with your payroll and HR internal controls. Using a monthly payroll checklist with predefined procedures, will help lower occupational fraud and abuse within your organization. Especially when it relates to direct payments within the payroll department. Whether your company is at risk for a ghost employees, falsified hours, kick-backs with a supervisor, padding the time clock or the catastrophic payroll tax fraud scheme, this form will help uncover and prevent those types of fraud schemes from occurring within your organization so it doesn’t land you in prison for tax evasion.

A “Ghost Employee” is a type of payroll fraud scheme where the perpetrator either creates a non-existent employee or does not removed a prior employee from the victims payroll and continues to pay them. They generally have the check directly deposited into their own bank account. Printed checks cause a bigger problem upon delivery.

The Payroll Checklist Template is part of the “Payroll and HR” internal control forms package or the complete Vitalics Internal Control System






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