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Small Businesses Risk Assessment – FREE download of Vitalics “Small Business Risk Assessment” or also known as an “Internal Control Questionnaire” today to start protecting your business.

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“Small Business Risk Assessment Form” or also known as an “Internal Control Questionnaire” is a PDF file that you can download for free from Vitalics. It includes 12 pages of content and internal control questions in common fraud scheme categories such as “Employee and HR Assessment” “Check Tampering Schemes” “Cash Register Schemes” “Billing and Purchasing Schemes” “Payroll Schemes” “Expense Reimbursement Schemes” “Theft of Inventory and Equipment” “Corruption” “Fraudulent Financial Reports” and “Financial Assessment”.  These questions will help you review your organizations procedures that cause the type of fraudulent schemes and employee embezzlement that we investigate.

Small businesses have continued to rank higher in occupational fraud frequency than larger organizations due to the lack of internal controls.  Vitalics wants to help you protect your small business by providing you with a FREE “Small Business Risk Assessment” Form. Vitalics is a Small Business Internal Control System created by Certified Fraud Examiner Julie Aydlott in order to assist smaller organizations in creating an easy to implement and follow control program. Vitalics has been helping small organizations protect their organization since 2011. To get your FREE assessment form, please add it to your cart and do the proper check-out process. You will receive an email from Vitalics with the direct download link for your small business risk assessment template.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you for providing a roadmap on what to outline for internal controls. The free form is very helpful and prompted us to return for the bundle. Very easy to follow thank you.

  2. 5 out of 5

    annie nile (verified owner)

    Perfect to get the basics of a fraud prevention questionnaire. Only suggestion is if you could make this form available for editing since the download is a PDF. There are other items that I would like to add on mine.

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