Vitalics Valued Affiliate Program

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Become a Vitalics Affiliate Partner and list your business to our customers.

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The “Vitalics Valued Affiliate Partner” is a networking program for professionals in the accounting, bookkeeping, legal and investigative field who also offer internal control services to their clients. The Valued Affiliate Partner business is listed as a resource on the Vitalics website for our customers to contact for additional services or help with their financial concerns and internal controls.

The Affiliate Partner direct website link and company information will be added to the “Affiliate Partner” page upon payment of the registration fee and remain on the Vitalics website until the following occur:

  1. The company and website no longer exists
  2. The company or owner was involved in criminal activity
  3. The company wishes to cancel their affiliation
  4. Vitalics receives complaints regarding the company practices that go unresolved

Refunds for fees paid to the Affiliate Partner program are 30 days from the date of purchase. Any requests for refunds will not be approved after the 30 day period.

Affiliate Partner Benefits

Affiliate Partner logo and information on Vitalics website

Direct link to the affiliates website and social media

Direct contact information to business

Affiliate organization services listed

Affiliate discounts on Vitalics – 20%

Vitalics Valued Affiliate Partner Badge

Annual Renewal $45 – Waived first year