Vitalics Small Business Internal Control Forms


Vitalics is a internal control system of forms for bookkeeping and accounting specifically created for smaller organizations including small businesses and smaller non profits.


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Assets, Cash and Banking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Human Resource and Payroll
  • Purchasing and Inventory
  • Notes and Memos, Corporate Minutes
  • Policy and procedure manual
  • Including the Vitalics Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Workbook

Vitalics is a simple to use system of internal control forms for smaller businesses. Vitalics was created to help provide the solution for the missing link when there is a lack of job segregation. Vitalics creates accountability and reassurance to the managers, owners, partners, and bookkeeping staff.

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Vitalics internal control forms can be used with a PC or Mac using Word, Excel or Adobe PDF Reader.  If you have an Imac or tablet you must have the appropriate apps in order to open the forms.  The forms are saved in xlsx or docx for Word and Excel however you can still open them in an older version that still uses xlx and doc files.



Your Vitalics bundle package includes over 145 already created yet easy to customize internal control forms, checklists and documents along with a detailed fraud prevention and internal control workbook!


With the Vitalics forms you can create your controls and accounting functions tailored to your business.


If you ordered the complete bundle package, whenever we update or make new forms for Vitalics, you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to access your new forms.


Vitalics is a one of a kind small business solution for office managers, bookkeepers, accountants and owners by providing accountability for your work and specifically by requiring review and approval of that work .


Vitalics was created to be easy to use. We want our customers to continue with their controls instead of throwing their hands up in frustration.


Vitalics was priced to be affordable for smaller businesses.  We don’t want to break your bank, we want to help you protect it!


Your Vitalics forms are easy to use and customize in your Word, Excel and Adobe software.  The forms are also compatible with MAC.

Vitalics Internal Control Forms Bundle

Includes Over 145 Control Forms
Eleven Internal Control Categories
Vitalics Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Workbook

Easy to customize in Word, Excel and Adobe
Complete List of Forms

Electronic Download   $169.00On Sale $139.00

Vitalics Internal Audit Reports

Includes 5 Total Forms – Two audit reports template and sample
Easy to customize in Word, Excel and Adobe
Complete List of Forms

Electronic Download     $29.00

Vitalics Independent Auditor Forms

Includes 14 Independent Auditor Forms
Easy to customize in Word, Excel and Adobe
Complete List of Forms

Electronic Download     $49.00

Vitalics Internal Control Forms Bundle and The Small Business Fraud Prevention Toolkit

Includes 2 Hours Video on Fraud Prevention
Fraud Manual
Vitalics Control Forms Bundle
Free upgrade to any updated video or fraud manual content

Electronic Download    $298.00



The average cost for a fraud investigation before lawyers are even involved is $20,000. The average cost of an internal control audit and system set-up is about $4,000.

If you believe you are a victim of occupational fraud, contact Business Fraud Prevention, LLC.  I would honestly love to save you the money by preventing fraud in the first place. So much more cost effective!


According to the ACFE’s 2020 RTN, U.S. Organizations will lose an average of 5% of their gross revenues to fraud. The association of Certified Fraud Examiners is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of training materials. The entire report can be downloaded at no charge at

Smaller organizations continue to rank highest in occupational fraud frequency compared to larger businesses. The average loss was $150,000 per fraud occurrence.

Corruption is the most common method of fraud in small businesses with fewer than 100 employees while a billing scheme is a close second.

Primary internal control weaknesses showed that “lack of internal controls” were most prominently present in fraud case studies while lack of management review was the next common weakness.

Vitalics Internal Control Forms Bundle List

  • Internal Control Reports

      Customer Credit Review Form

      Company organizational chart

      Employee Mileage Log Reimbursement Form

      Internal control program detailed

      Internal control program basic

      Petty Cash Receipt Form

      Petty Cash Request Voucher

      Risk assessment form

      The Vitalics Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Workbook

    Notes Memos and Corporate Forms

      Accounting work in progress form


      Minutes of the meeting log sheet

      Minutes of the meeting template

    Accounts Payable Internal Control Forms List

      Accounts Payable Check Run Form

      Accounts Payable Checklist 12 Month

      Accounts Payable Checklist

      Accounts Payable Reconciliation Form

      Accounts Payable Month End Checklist

      Accounts Payable Month End Checklist 12 Month

      Approved Vendor List Form

      Automatic Payment Update Form

      Automatic Payment Form

      Automatic Payment List

      Change in Vendor Form

      Check Request Form

      Credit Card Reconciliation Checklist 12 Month

      Credit Card Reconciliation Checklist

      Current Vendor Review Checklist 12 Month

      Current Vendor Review Checklist

      Employee Credit Card Request Form

      Expense Reimbursement Checklist 12 Month

      Expense Reimbursement Checklist

      Expense Reimbursement Form

      Manual Check Payment Checklist

      Manual Check Payment Checklist 12 Month

      Missing Receipt Form

      New Vendor Checklist 12 Month

      New Vendor Checklist

      New Vendor Request Form

      Receipt of Vendor Refund

      Rejection of Vendor Invoice

      Vendor Application

      Vendor Black List

      Vendor Over Payment Notice

      Wire Transfer Request Form

    Financial Reporting Internal Control Forms

      Authorization to condense computer data form

      Bank reconciliation checklist

      Bank reconciliation checklist 12 month

      Cash flow reconciliation form

      Journal entry checklist 12 month

      Journal entry form

      Month end checklist

      Owner checklist

      Profit and loss horizontal analysis

      Password file

      Ratio analysis template

      Year end checklist

      Sales tax bad debt summary form

      Year end W9 1099 list

    Human Resources and Payroll Internal Control Forms

      Authorization for background and credit check

      Conflict of Interest Policy

      Employee handbook

      Fraud policy

      Human resource checklist

      Human resource checklist 12 month

      Job description form

      New hire form

      Termination of employment form

      Employment contract template

      Change in employee payroll information form

      Employee advance request form

      Employee roster template

      Payroll checklist

      Payroll checklist 12 month

      Payroll disbursement form

      Payroll reconciliation form

      Payroll month end reconciliation form

      Probationary period agreement template

      Travel Per Diem Request

      Travel Per Diem Schedule

      Workers Comp Audit Journal

    Cash Banking and Assets Internal Control Forms

      Asset reconciliation form

      Disposition of fixed asset form

      Fixed asset checklist

      Fixed asset checklist 12 month

      Fixed asset listing form

      Fixed asset payment request form

      Fixed asset purchase form

      Fixed asset transfer of location form

      Lost or stolen asset form

      Sale of fixed asset form

      Bank deposit checklist

      Bank reconciliation approval form

      Bank reconciliation template form

      Un-cleared check list

      Un-cleared deposit list

      Cash drawer reconciliation form

      Cash sales checklist

      Credit card reconciliation approval form

      Petty cash checklist 12 month

      Petty cash journal

      Petty cash reconciliation form

    Accounts Receivable Internal Control Forms

      Accounts Receivable Internal Control Forms

      Accounts receivable checklist

      Accounts receivable checklist 12 month

      Accounts receivable deposit form

      Accounts receivable reconciliation form

      Accounts receivable credit card payment deposit form

      Bad debt request form

      Change in customer information form

      Credit card payment authorization form

      Current customer review checklist 12 month form

      Current customer review checklist

      Customer outside collections forms

      Customer credit application

      Customer black list form

      Customer collection list form

      Customer lost payment form

      Daily cash receipts form

      New customer checklist form

      New customer checklist 12 month

      New customer form

      Personal guarantee template

      Returned customer payment form

      Sales commission request form

      Sales tax bad debt summary

      Weekly sales form

    Purchasing and Inventory Internal Control Forms

      Disposition of inventory form

      Inventory access by personnel form

      Inventory checklist

      Inventory reconciliation form

      Inventory transfer of location form

      Inventory valuation listing

      Lost or stolen inventory form

      Physical inventory count form

      Purchase order checklist

      Purchase order reconciliation form


  • Vitalics Internal Audit Reports

  • Vitalics Internal Audit Reports

      Internal Control Evaluation Form

      Internal Control Review Report Template

      Internal Review Checklist

      Sample Internal Control Audit Report ABC Company

      Small Business Risk Assessment


  • Internal Control Report and Forms

  • Independent Auditor Internal Control Forms

      ABC Company Horizontal Analysis

      ABC Company Ratio Analysis

      Internal Control Evaluation Form ABC Company

      Sample Internal Control Audit Report ABC Company

      Client Detailed Control Audit Checklist

      Client Simple Control Review Checklist

      Employee Roster Form

      Internal Control Engagement Agreement Template

      Internal Control Evaluation Form

      Internal Control Review Report Template

      Internal Review Checklist

      Profit and Loss Horizontal Analysis

    Ratio Analysis Template

      Small Business Risk Assessment Template