Vitalics 2.0 released December 2014

Vitalics 2.0 released December 2014

The latest edition of software is Vitalics 2.0. Any version prior to 1.1.4 does not download the automatic forms update. If you purchased a previous edition of Vitalics you are entitled to download the updated version at no charge. Your registration information with transfer into the newest edition and should not be affected.

Currently the 2.0 version does not work with Microsoft XP. We are working on a patch that will fix the compatibility issue. If you are using Microsoft XP, do not update your Vitalics version to the 2.0 until the patch is completed. Vitalics 2.0 is compatible with Windows Vista and higher See system requirements for more information.

Before you update from a previous version, BACK-UP your files just in case there is any type of error bringing all of your previous projects and edited forms forward.

Changes that affect the 2.0 edition include a better integration with project management. Ability to change category and form names in the project manager as well as back-up and restore single projects. We also changed the software application color from green to blue!

The Free Demo version is now limited to 5-days and access to edit and view 4 forms, plus the instruction and fraud prevention manual – however the user will not have the ability to print, save or e-mail those forms. The demo will allow the user to navigate through the project manager and review the software features. For security purposes it is limited in its functionality for reviewing and navigation only.

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