Vitalics Update Notice

Vitalics Update Notice

Vitalics update 2.6.2 is available for download. This update is NOT a patch and the user will be required to make a full back-up of their existing forms and projects before installing the update. After the update is successfully installed the user must import the back-up with their data to have everything in tact. Please e-mail customer support if you would like the 2.6.2 update –

Vitalics 3.0 is coming out soon! This update does not use Microsoft Office to run the software. This will remove bugs the prior versions of Vitalics has encountered. The new Vitalics 3.0 has a completely different layout as well and we are very excited about it! You will be able to import your data into the new 3.0. All registered users will receive an updated link for the 3.0 software.

All new Vitalics form updates are downloaded directly into the Vitalics desktop application. Each time you start Vitalics the software will notify you if there are new forms to download. You must select the forms that you wish to import into the computer from the populated list. If there are no current updated or new forms your software will open without any notifications.

If you have a suggestion for a custom made form please email us your request and we will create what you need! Your customized form will be uploaded to the S3 Cloud where it will download into your Vitalics software the next time you open it. Customized forms will not be sent via e-mail unless specifically requested.

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